Cloud computing is becoming a game changer for Small-Medium Enterprises by offering scalable infrastructure and capabilities available as services. It gives smaller companies access to tools that were previously only accessible to big enterprises and hence closes the gap in terms of competitiveness. Cloud computing is getting bigger and bigger as there are many advantages in putting your infrastructure in the cloud.


For many SME’s cloud computing is the most cost effective method to use, maintain and upgrade. Traditional desktop software costs companies in licensing fees and consultancy costs. The cloud, on the other hand, is available at much cheaper rates and hence, can significantly lower the company’s IT expenses.

Unlimited Storage

The cloud can accommodate and store much more data compared to a personal computer and in a way offers almost unlimited storage capacity. Moving your infrastructure to the cloud eliminates worries about running out of storage space and at the same time it spares businesses the need to upgrade their computer hardware, further reducing the overall IT cost.

Backup, Recovery and High Availability

The process of backing up and recovering data is simplified since those now reside on the cloud. Most cloud providers offer reliable and flexible backup/recovery solutions. As these services are now the responsibility of the cloud providers chances are high that you are using the latest and greatest technology to insure business continuity.

Work on Anything from Anywhere

Cloud computing services can be accessed via a plethora of electronic devices that are able to have access to the internet. These devices include not only the traditional PCs, but also smartphones, tablets etc. With the cloud, the “Bring your own device” (BYOD) policy can be easily adopted, permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices to their workplace.

An end-user might decide not only which device to use, but also where to access the service from. There is no limitation of place and medium. We can access our applications and data anywhere in the world, making this method very attractive to people. Cloud computing is in that way especially appealing to international companies as it offers the flexibility for its employees to access company files wherever they are.

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